april, 2024

Vancouver – Celebration of the creation of the first human being in laboratory

sun07aprAll DayVancouver – Celebration of the creation of the first human being in laboratory(All Day: sunday)

Event Details

Hello everyone,

It’s always a great pleasure to invite and welcome you to our annual Raelian events. The one on April 7 will mark the scientific creation of the first human being
in a laboratory by the Elohim, on the first Sunday of April, some 13,400 years ago.

In view of the immeasurable complexity of life created by the Elohim on Earth, Maitreya Rael’s revelations on the workings of the living constantly renew our
appreciation of the scientific genius of our Creators. Maitreya’s teachings, particularly on the human brain’s ability to interact with the universe, make us realize
that the Elohim have truly created the human being in their image and likeness.

On April 7, you are warmly invited to learn more and celebrate this extraordinary event.

Commemorated on all five continents, the first Sunday of April is one of four annual occasions when humans who so wish can officially recognize the Elohim
as the Creators of humanity and Maitreya Rael as their prophet by performing their cellular plan transmission: the Raelian baptism.

Looking forward to meeting you there!!

With all our love,
The National Raelian Celebration Team

**For information on the religious ceremony and recognition of the Elohim (TCP – Transmission of the Cellular Plan), click here.

Details to come soon.


All Day (Sunday) Eastern Daylight Time