Dear Mrs Patel,

I recently read your article “We should be judged by our work not our faith” and I was touched and impressed by your commitment in favor of women’s rights. Especially regarding female genital mutilation, which is an undeniable violation of human rights.

As a representative for Clitoraid Canada, I am particularly sensitive to this case and I strongly support your fight against gender-based violence. Clitoraid is a humanitarian organization that offers reconstructive clitoral surgery for excised women. It also provides postoperative therapy to help woman experience sexual pleasure thus helping them to regain their dignity. Clitoraid’s mission is to educate the public about a woman’s sexuality needs and to eliminate sexual pleasure taboos. The ultimate goal is the elimination of genital mutilation worldwide.

I am very happy to have been able to know you through this article and learn about the wonderful work your organization, IRC, is doing to help make this world a better one.

Yours Sincerely,
Louise Turcotte
Clitoraid Canada

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