Dear Mr. Trudeau,

I applaud very warmly Canada’s move on November 20 to oppose Israel’s great protector, the United States, by voting for Palestinian self-determination at the United Nations and reiterating its position on the illegality of the Israeli settlement system. In my opinion, this represents the minimum of integrity, decency and respect for the fundamental values of justice, human rights and the rights of peoples.

Israel’s invasion of the Palestinian territories represents a systematic violation of all international rights, exercised in a systematic manner with cruel insensitivity and relentless and disproportionate violence against a destitute people; a most despicable abuse that translates into apartheid and a gradual genocide, in the eyes of the entire world. This Israeli despotism that has gone on long enough is a disgrace to humanity.

Thank you, Mr. Trudeau, for staying in the ranks of the 163 UN member countries that remain examples of humanity and common sense in the face of this tragedy and who also voted for the self-determination of the Palestinians. This gesture is in addition to other actions from all over the world that can only bring us closer to the end of this political-military-religious barbarism that is no longer necessary today, at the dawn of a scientific era that will free all of humanity.

At this point, to be fully consistent and honest, Mr. Trudeau, it would be desirable for you to vote with the vast majority of UN member states that openly and rightly condemn Israel and its heinous political project, even if it were to cost Canada a seat on the UN Security Council next year.


Martin Hétu,
for the Canadian Raelian Movement