The Raelian Movement Calls for a

Global Silent Meditation for Peace

Following the eruption of violence in the Middle East, involving Hamas and Israel, Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, extends an invitation to both Raelians and non-Raelians to engage in a Silent Meditation for peace, taking place in front of Palestinian and Israeli Embassies and Consulates worldwide.

According to the Raelian scriptures, every religion has been initiated by messengers contacted by the Elohim—a civilization responsible for creating all life forms on Earth. “Rael serves as their last Messenger,” declared Leon Mellul—Raelian Guide heading the Raelian Movement in the Middle East. “Rael is the much-anticipated Mashiach for Jews and the Mubashar for Muslims. Part of his mission involves informing the public (particularly those presently embroiled in conflicts in their god’s name) that there is no god. Instead, there exists an infinity of other beings and civilizations in the universe who still hold hope that we can transcend our destructive inclinations to fight for our beliefs,” he added.

Rael has consistently expressed, “The belief in a single and almighty god is the root cause of some of the greatest tragedies in human history. From the colonization of Europe by Muslims and the Crusades to the wars of religion, the Inquisition, Nazism, and more recent conflicts like those between Pakistan and India, Cyprus, Ireland, Kosovo, and the Middle East, it has always been in the name of an Almighty God that people have torn each other apart and committed acts of violence.” The persisting tragedy in the Middle East exemplifies this without exception.

Mellul elaborated further, “Part of Rael’s mission also includes building an Embassy to respectfully and peacefully welcome the extraterrestrial beings responsible for our creation. They expressed a desire to have it established in or close to Jerusalem—a location where numerous messengers have been sent in the past and where they anticipated the Jewish people would build the requested Third Temple. This is the underlying reason why Rael has persistently proposed a peace plan aimed at resolving this conflict.”

During the Silent Meditation, Rael’s proposed Peace Plan Solution will be shared with the ambassadors from both nations involved. The Silent Meditation for Peace is slated for Friday, October 27, at 11 a.m.

Rael also emphasized the significance of the International Raelian Movement’s organized global meditations, encouraging maximal participation to send concurrent waves of peace and love, aiming for a tangible impact.

The forthcoming global meditation will take place on Zoom, accessible at # 89859579850, on November 11 @ 14:00h UTC. (

“In essence, we are each akin to a tiny cell within the larger organism that is humanity,” concluded Mellul. “Let’s merge our strength and foster our love for each other as a unified being, a humanity that can live alongside other humanities. Otherwise, we risk self-destruction. The survival of humanity rests in our hands.”