Rael Reaffirms His Opposition to the COVID-19 Vaccine

Las Vegas, Sept 24 — With Autumn comes the renewed “threat” of Covid vaccines. The FDA has recently given the green light to new mRNA vaccine formulations and shots, and the European Commission has secured an impressive 4.2 billion doses. Meanwhile, studies continue to come out, highlighting the serious side effects of these vaccines, and continue to be published in peer-reviewed journals1.

For Rael, Spiritual Leader of the Raelian Movement, it is paramount to reiterate his staunch opposition to the mRNA vaccine.

“This injection of the mRNA vaccine against COVID-19, through its very nature, clearly displays its function by indicating that it modifies the RNA pool. Any modifications of the RNA pool will automatically modify the DNA,” Rael emphasized this week. “Everyone should have refused it from the outset, and Raelians even more as they should be models for Humanity. According to the Raelian philosophy, the Elohim, the advanced scientists responsible for creating all life forms on Earth, have endowed us with a flawless immune system. Any ‘therapy’ claiming to enhance it is an affront to our Creators. It is not too late to save some individuals.”

Early on, during the so-called pandemic, Rael alerted the public about the dangers associated with the mRNA vaccine and championed the freedom to refuse it.

“I advocate for the freedom to live life and risk it as you please,” Rael declared in 2021. “Whether it involves mountain climbing, deep-sea diving, motor racing, or any other activity that brings you pleasure, no authority should have the right to prevent you from doing what you like. It is your most fundamental freedom to be anti-vaccine, an anarchist, or anything else you wish to be. [It’s] Your freedom to embrace conspiracy theories and to be proud of it! To be a member of a cult and to be proud of it! To be an atheist, anti-theist, communist, or whatever else interests you. And you don’t have to care about what the bleating sheep call you. On the contrary, claim your positions proudly!”

1 A review of neurological side effects of COVID-19 vaccination: https://eurjmedres.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s40001-023-00992-0