Letter to the scientist specializing
in AI (Artificial Intelligence), Ms. Ann Shin

Dear Ms. Shin,

On behalf of the atheist creationist movement that I represent, the International Raelian Movement, I wish to express our support for your important work in technological development. I am writing to you after watching the question period you held at the opening of the HotDocs Festival in Toronto on April 29, regarding the possibilities that AI will offer us in the near future. I was extremely interested in what you had to say and fascinated to hear the digital version of Dr. Deepak Chopra speak, as well as to hear, of course, the real Dr. Deepak Chopra and the extraordinary spiritual and philosophical dimension that he brings to the understanding of the impacts that AI will have on human reality.

We feel it is important to inform the world, as you are doing, about this technological universe that is upon us and about the hope that comes from understanding that AI will eventually free humanity from the work and tasks associated with the functioning of our societies (see paradism.org). Furthermore, your research on the possibility of a connection between the human brain and AI, virtual immortality, is perfectly consistent with the powerful content of the book “Yes to Human Cloning”, published in 2001 by the Prophet Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement (Rael’s speech, 2017, The Computer)

In order for you to better understand the purpose of this letter, I will briefly summarize the Raelian philosophy which explains that life on Earth, including humanity, is the result of a scientific creation. In 1973, a young French journalist by the name of Claude Vorilhon had an extraordinary contact, man to man, with an extraterrestrial belonging to the civilization of the “Elohim”, a word found in the biblical Genesis, written in Hebrew, and which means “those who came from the sky”. This representative of the Elohim gave him the name of Rael and revealed to him how life has been created on Earth by the scientists of his planet (please see the book “Intelligent Design”). Rael is the last of the Prophets that the Elohim have given us and his mission is to make this truth known to humanity. “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness”, Genesis, 1-26. This biblical quote can now be fully understood. This is why the religion of the Raelians is science!

Therefore, this is why the ability to create life is written into our genes, pushing us to become in our turn the Creators of another humanity. What you are accomplishing, Ms. Shin, is part of this journey that will inevitably lead us to replicate what was done on Earth a little over 13,000 years ago. Science in itself is “Love”, and the primary motivation of any scientist worthy of the name is to improve the human condition. It is these scientists, such as yourself, who will give us access to a peaceful world of very high technology. Thus liberated, humans will be able to connect to the universe of which they are a part and discover the true meaning of their existence: “… what true reality is”, as Dr. Deepak Chopra so aptly expressed it. Gradually, a significant peace will be established on Earth and the wish of the Elohim to officially make contact again with humanity will finally be possible.

For these reasons, dear Ms. Shin, I wanted to convey to you the admiration we have for what you are accomplishing. I thank you for taking the time to read this letter and wish you success in your research for the betterment of humanity.


Martin Hétu
Communications Representative for the Raelian Movement