Raelians call for a Happiness Day every day

The Raelian philosophy states that all forms of life were created by scientists who came from another planet and who had one goal in mind: create happiness.

“Happiness is embedded in our genes, and it’s the default and natural state we should all enjoy each day,” said Kotaro Murakawa, spokesperson and coordinator of the Raelian Happiness Academy. “One Happiness Day per year isn’t nearly enough to reverse the culture of misery that we live in and that we are fed daily. Happiness should be taught and cultivated at every level of our society. Children, for instance, are our best models because they are constantly in that natural state—the one we must strive to preserve throughout our lives,” he continued.

Rael, spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement, describes Happiness as a decision, a choice, a discipline, a training, and a duty. “Happiness,” he said, “has to be cultivated. And the way to do that is by replacing our current culture of’ having’ with a culture of ‘being’.”

Rael also explained that being happy isn’t a selfish state. “The key is to be so happy that everybody looking at you, without saying anything, without one

word, just looking at you, becomes happier. That’s the ultimate goal.”

“Let your happiness make others happier. Radiate so much happiness that when you walk in the street, people you meet and who may be sad will start smiling instantly just by looking at you. Then, the happiness turns into love. And that’s what you have to focus on; to really be happy, to give love, to make a planet happy,” Rael concluded.

Happy days to all!