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Translation: Régine Paradis

Science… the mistreated one!

To cultivate science and not loving men is to light a torch and close your eyes. – Chinese proverb

November 10, 2022 was World Science for Peace and Development Day. Who would have believed it?

Such a day gives us to think that science is from the beginning at the service of “war and destruction”. In the current context, the examples are legion: nuclear, bacteriological, chemical bombs, weapons of mass destruction, etc. We also hear about digital identity, transhumanism, cloning by those who have “forced” the use of an injection that has not been made reliable and validated by a meticulous, methodical and recognized collective process.

The pandemic has given rise to exchanges between doctors, specialists, professors, politicians, and experts, all of which has been orchestrated and fuelled by the media. To the point that the debate necessary for scientific objectivity has been scorned. It was even forbidden, and all those who raised the flag to point out the quasi-perverse manipulation of the scientific results presented in these exchanges were even treated as “anti-science”. These findings became the basis of the rhetoric of these panels with which they vehemently supported the rejection of best practices accepted and prescribed as effective since before the pandemic.

Such a mess has harmful effects for the scientific world. As Etienne Klein points out, “I think we have lost a lot of prestige, authority and confidence.1

What is happening with science, the basis of our philosophy? “Our movement, our philosophy, is not based on belief, but rather on understanding; it is about science.” – Rael 2

Should we continue to see it as “… a vehicle for peace, harmony and good health“? 3

Science in itself is neutral. It is the intention of researchers, scientists, financiers, politicians, military that gives it its color. Science can help us to achieve our goals. It is not the one who determines them.

What is intention? Intention is more than just a thought or theory about how we want to live. It is a true vision of what we want to achieve.

In the current context, what is the predominant intention? Jean-Marie Vigoureux4 points out that the system in which we are, which he calls “economism”, the science is diverted to the benefit of a totalitarian vision of the economy. He raises the question of the future of science with such an intention where competition is preferred to collaboration.

In order for science to be used “… to serve man and to liberate him, not to destroy and alienate him5, only an intention/vision that cares about the future of humanity can do this: Humanitarianism. Inspired by this vision, simple actions can be taken:

  1. Getting out of confusion: “Confusing science with ideological fanaticism is a systemic fragility, characteristic of corrupted worlds.“– Jean-Dominique Michel6;
  2. Supporting the Universal Declaration of Science and Scientific Research for Humanity by spreading this link;
  3. Promoting Paradism 7 Promote Paradism as a social organization in which science through, among others, genetics, computer science, nanotechnology, robotics will allow human beings to do what they want in a mutual respect and collaboration.

Science is love if it is used:

  • to free humanity from the poisons of money and work;
  • to offer opportunities of blooming to the human being for the benefit of his/her happiness.

Rachel Bluteau
Columnist for the Raelian Movement

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