MONTREAL, Oct. 6, 2009 /CNW Telbec/ – Mr Jean-Francois Bergeron, laid off from his work by the company Transformateurs Delta, in Granby, since January 26, 2009, because he was wearing a t-shirt printed with the words “God does not exists –”, will return to work. Mtre Richard Marcheterre, arbitrator for the Commission des normes du travail, judged that the company dressing code was contravening the Chart. On top of getting back his job, Mr Bergeron will receive full compensation for his salary loss and he will be permitted to wear Raelian clothing.

The Bishop and President of the Canadian Raelian Movement, Marc Rivard, declared: “This decision represents not only a great victory for Raelians but also a great victory for Human Rights; and more specifically for religious freedom”.

This decision will doubtlessly mark a case law in the cause that will soon be heard regarding the Raelians that were evicted from Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) during a funds raising campaign to help African woman victims of excision, and this on the sole reason of their religious allegiance.

Remember that in autumn 2006, a student for a doctorate in biophysics at UQTR took the initiative of booking a stand, in due form with the service of equipments and premises, to support a humanitarian campaign to help the excised African women. The students welcoming was excellent and the campaign went very well until the moment Mr Yves Gabias, director of the equipments service, decided to briskly cancel the Aid campaign for African women, after learning this campaign was launched by Rael.

“The Maitreya Rael himself decided to give full support from the International Raelian Movement, with a budget of one million dollar if necessary, to bring this discrimination case in front of the Supreme Court of Canada”, added Mr Rivard.

October 7th is the date of one of the great annual celebrations for Raelians, where Raelians from Quebec, as the Raelians worldwide, use to gather. This public event will take place tomorrow at the Hotel Omni in Montreal, and this victory for Jean-Francois Bergeron will be celebrated in dignity by several hundred Raelians.