Was Buddha a Nazi?

Montreal, May 30th, 2022 – The
Canadian Raelian Movement denounces
and strongly opposes Bill C-229,
introduced in the House of Commons on
February 3, 2022, by Peter Julian, a New
Democratic Party (NDP) Member of
Parliament for Burnaby – New
Westminster, British Columbia, and
demands its immediate withdrawal. The
bill calls for the banning in Canada of
three symbols deemed to be hateful,
including the Swastika.

“We understand that the Swastika evokes horrible memories, due to the fraudulent use of the Swastika during the short and sad period of human history that was Nazism,” explains Nicole Bertrand, spokesperson for the Raelian Movement. She adds, “However, it is dismaying and unfortunate to note Mr. Julian’s ignorance of its original meaning since this thousand-year-old symbol is one of peace, good fortune, well-being and harmony for hundreds of thousands of Canadian citizens from Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Raelian religious backgrounds and traditions. This would run a serious threat of ostracism and victimization of a significant portion of our population.”

Raelians believe that banning and criminalizing the Swastika as a hate symbol is a dangerous and unacceptable infringement on freedom of belief, exposing a considerable number of people to a clear risk of social exclusion and even the emergence of religious racism against communities for whom the Swastika is a sacred symbol. Meanwhile, in the United States, a wind of censorship and intolerance is also blowing through politicians and the “alt-right” following the creation of a committee called the Disinformation Governance Board (DGB), which will censor anything that does not fit the official narrative. Like Bill C-229 in Canada, this trend could potentially spread to all governments in Western countries to attack anything that is “too disturbing” and thus further sully the reputation of the Swastika

It is also important to note that the Swastika can be found on all continents, including in temples in Israel (see photos on This symbol was an integral part of the social and economic life of pre-war Canada and the United States. It was present among the American First Nations peoples even before the arrival of Europeans on their continent.

“We therefore appeal to the common sense of the Canadian parliamentarians to reject Bill C-229 and that public awareness and information campaigns on the true meaning of the Swastika be implemented as soon as possible. A significant portion of the population still seems to believe that Hitler invented the Swastika,” concluded Ms. Bertrand. For the thousands of Raelians in Canada and over 100,000 worldwide, the Swastika represents infinity in time and is part of the symbol that represents infinity in space and time, which is also the one of the “Elohim”, the extraterrestrial civilization that scientifically created all life on Earth.