Science in daily life

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Let me tell you the story of all the Adams and the Eves of the world from Ancient times to today. When Adam discovered fire and agricultural tools, he was able to feed and protect his family.

Centuries pass and inventions multiply. Now Eve cooks, washes clothes and dishes with electricity. The little family has a house with all the practical gadgets to make living easy.

Adam buys a new car and goes on vacation with his family in the neighboring country. Eve regularly flies to her job as a flight attendant. Adam loves music and can follow his pianist friend around the world, either to concerts on TV or to recordings that he can listen to at home offline. In the evenings, the family watches TV and keeps up with what’s going on in the world. The kids go dancing at the night club and the parents go to the movies. Eve attends all the book launches. Her son prefers to read on his tablet and her daughter writes scripts. The planet has become a big village where everything is accessible. Satellites orbit the Earth and we explore our solar system.

For the past two years, we have been experiencing a health and political crisis. While science has improved the lives of humans, our governments are using sociological concepts to develop fear.

Eve has lost her job because she will not accept a vaccine that is not perfected. The government has been pretending there is a pandemic for almost two years.

Adam is fortunate enough to be teleworking from home. His son is a student at the university. His classes are broadcast over the Internet. Their daughter, however, has to wear a mask in class. Eve is a little depressed. The borders are closed and she cannot visit her family in the United States. Adam agrees to take the vaccine and so does their daughter. It is a point of disagreement at home. Their son was arrested in a manifestation. He has to pay a big fine.

Concept of power
The lust for power of a few individuals has turned the family’s life into a nightmare. They can no longer visit their friends. There is a curfew at night from 8 p.m. They can no longer receive their grandparents.

Everything that’s happening right now is scaring the hell out of Mr. and Mrs. Everybody, and with good reason. We are forced to use a health pass to control the comings and goings of everyone. A QR code is imposed and eventually a chip would be injected under the skin, in order to store information about you, your health, your money, your work, your company, your travels, etc. A few powerful billionaires want to create a society of obedient people who can no longer decide anything for themselves. They are a kind of secret world government that encourages the elites of our countries to control the lives of all.

We are not talking about science and technology here. Yet it is the same science that is used against us, the people. Science is neutral. And as much as it can destroy us, it can also help us to live in paradise, depending on in which hands it falls.

Building a new world
Let’s continue our story. Adam’s son joins an international group that communicates via the Web. They connect with communities around the world that are creating community farms, cooperative factories and villages, non-profit research labs, citizen decision-making committees, etc. Around them, a whole network of people’s journalists is founding a bunch of social media. Soon these services will be so successful that they will become the norm. They will replace social services and governments. Ordinary citizens will be able to manage the society that will be born from their actions.

Adam, Eve and their children will continue to use science for the good of all. They will even end up creating a world government whose task will be to connect all these services together. The greedy billionaires who seek to own everything will disappear or go into hiding. They will no longer have any power. Their money will disappear, replaced by citizen currencies or service exchanges.

World citizens will travel to discover new cultures and ideas. They will encourage research to extend their lives and live healthier, develop hobbies, be of service to each other, and make all things useful to their lives and to the beauty of the world. “Science is a doorway to happiness. It frees our time so that we can live better, have more fun, and blossom.” Rael – The Maitreya, p. 60 PDF format.

There, I didn’t really talk about science. However, each of my words contained it and showed that we can destroy everything, but also build everything. It depends on our intentions.

Sara Leha
Columnist for the Raelian Movement