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At a conference on the revolution of transhumanism given by the French philosopher and political scientist Luc Ferry, a lot of astonishing things were learned, or let’s say astonishing for the general public, for these revelations were predicted long before him by the prophet Maitreya Rael. It will take a few more years, Luc Ferry tells us, before artificial intelligence will make a good number of obsolete jobs disappear.

One of the first examples is the automobile, which will be completely autonomous. A sophisticated computer-controlled machine, an inevitable process of scientific development where there is no turning back. “Can we imagine, he says candidly, still travelling in a stagecoach in the 21st century? Even the radiologist will increasingly see his work performed by robots that are far more powerful than he is. Surgeons will, surprisingly, be replaced one day.”

Isn’t this a reflection of the inevitable demystification of the modern era? Man is no longer the center of the world. The so-called anthropocentrism, which sees the human being as the most significant central entity in the universe, is disappearing. Artificial intelligence can supplant the human in all areas. Luc Ferry also talks about the probability of living up to 150 years according to the transhumanists; others push life expectancy back to 1000 years.

Most recently, there was an article on the Radio-Canada website entitled “Microsoft licencie ses journalistes et les remplace par des robots (Microsoft is firing its journalists and replacing them with robots) (https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1707839/microsoft-nouvelles-msn-edge-intelligence-artificielle-licenciement-journalistes).

If the computer can steer a car or perform a delicate surgery on a patient through a robot, it is not surprising that it could do the same for news reporting in a large news medium. But all this was predicted more than 40 years ago by the prophet Rael. One of the definitions of a prophet is “one who announces what is coming”. Rael told us in 1979: “Man is discovering through machine that there is nothing mysterious about our origins or our behavior. Everything a man can do, a computer can do and even better.” Rael, Welcoming Aliens, page 62 

It is why, I think, that Maitreya Rael is a demystifier. As for living 1000 years according to the probabilities of certain scientists, we can understand why in the Bible it is mentioned that some men have lived exceptionally long. If science opens the way to hopes of extraordinarily prolonged life, this does not in any way resemble the fable or the mystical delirium of religious people obsessed with ancient writings. About the first men created by an extraterrestrial civilization, it is said on page 26 – Rael.org, The Book that tells the Truth by Rael: “Thus they obtained that the leaders of those first men were given the benefit of the tree of life, which explains why they lived so long: Adam nine hundred and thirty years, Seth nine hundred and twelve years, Enoch nine hundred and five years, etc. Genesis, V, 1-11

The wonders of artificial intelligence unveiled by Luc Ferry, or Microsoft’s decision to replace journalists with robots, can be summed up in one sentence which describes in a panoramic view the history of the world and this since the 70s by Rael in The book that tells the Truth, page 68 – Rael.org: “There is no miracle, there are only civilizational gap.” Therefore, Rael is a demystifying prophet not only by predicting but also by shining the light of science and understanding.



Jean Renaud
Columnist for the Raelian Church
June 2020