Volunteering, a gift of love

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The General Assembly of the United Nations should proclaim “International Days” to highlight and remember important aspects of human life and history.
As long as our humanity has not achieved an egalitarian peace, it is indeed good to have and keep one day per year dedicated to a particular theme.

December 5th has been chosen as World Volunteer Day.

There are many reasons why a person decides to volunteer. This reason can be personal, professional, community or social, but one thing is certain, the cause is chosen based on the enjoyment of doing something you love. The volunteer will not choose to go coach a soccer game if he/she hates running, being outside or playing. One can accept the constraints of a job, but never in a volunteer environment.
Who thinks about volunteering? People who are aware of the lives of the people around them. People who want to do something concrete to help others.
I am surrounded by volunteers, those special people who choose to spend much of their free time on a cause that is close to their hearts.
My palliative care peers open their arms to provide a listening ear and compassion to those at the end of their lives.
A friend, a “tender godmother”, takes care of mothers who have just given birth.
My philosophical friends use their creative strength to organize quality conferences, discover themselves as technicians/artists to produce beautiful videos, reflect, demonstrate without forgetting to sing and dance to bring peace on earth in the pleasure and love of their neighbors and their far-away.

“And when we want to dedicate our own lives to help other people’s happiness, then we reach the second branch of the tree, representing the third quality: self –effacement, which means accepting not to be first.” – Rael, Words of Maitreya, p. 20 PDF format

One thing is for sure, no matter what the chosen cause, volunteering contributes to the quality of life, health, and happiness of both the recipient and the giver.

Maitreya tells us: “You can wake up and say ‘I am going to spend my whole day giving love’. This is a question you must ask yourself every morning. If you ask yourself this every morning, then you will do it every week, every month, year after year, and you can die in peace after giving love all your life.” – Contact 388

To be a volunteer is to offer your time for the benefit of others.
To be a Raelian is to be a volunteer of love.

Lyliane Jolly
Columnist for the Raelian Movement