Demystification, even in art

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Translation: Régine Paradis

The two mechanical arms of YuMi, the humanoid robot developed in Switzerland by ABB, the star of the closing ceremony of the first international robotics festival, are at the wand.

This short excerpt from a September 2017 article in Geo magazine gives us a very good look at a concert with the YuMi robot conducting the Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra in the city of Pisa, Italy. We were told that this sophisticated machine had a slight fondness for the great composer Verdi. The conductor of this orchestra, Andrea Colombini, explained that this robot could imitate his gestures thanks to a rigorous training that required 17 hours of work. As a temporarily retired musician-performer myself, if I may say so, I am not surprised by this new scientific achievement. All this was foreseen by Maitreya a little over forty years ago in his book Sensual Meditation. This is what defines a prophet: one who reveals. In the common language of most people, the words “computer” and “artificial intelligence” existed only for a handful of scientists at that time.

Thus Maitreya in his book Sensual Meditation quotes Jean-Claude Risset, a researcher at the C.N.R.S. and a composer: “There is no limit to the precision and virtuosity of the computer, which can execute difficult scores, complex rhythms, with an accuracy forbidden to human performers; and some composers want to use the computer simply to get rid of the performers.” – Rael, Sensual Meditation, p. 43 PDF format

It is funny when I see some interpreters or conductors taking themselves for the navel of the world, as I already mentioned in a previous article. They can all be replaced by some kind of machine, if the need arises by the composers, freed from the constraint of working with prima dona chained to their excessive ego. They will dictate to these virtual artists where on the score they should insert a rallentando or a crescendo. All they have to do is install the right program and everything will work. The performers will still be able to continue playing simply for those who want to enjoy seeing humans give a musical gift for them. 

But the big question remains: isn’t hypersensitivity reserved for those passionate virtuoso artists endowed with a mysterious talent that we venerate? Gandhi was said to be a great soul, just as some artists are said to have a soul that speaks. Yet the soul, as Maitreya tells us, does not exist, there is only the expressiveness of the genetic code:“The vast majority of our genetic code is love. Love is written into our genetic code.”(1) Finally, in what a world of peace and love could we live if all men made their genetic code sing by realizing that they are only superb self-programmable computers, rather than incomprehensible ethereal souls manipulated by an imaginary God sitting on a cloud with his magic wand? A God for whom many have killed each other in his name for centuries.

Universal peace is for tomorrow.

Jean Renaud
Columnist for the Raelian Church

(1) Rael – Contact 384