The venom is distilled drop by drop. An initial onset is all it takes. The network is well organized. No worries “the world is ready”.Like most people, I am oblivious. MASS MANIPULATION! I ignore it as it is not what is important at this moment and time. But carefree, laughing, active one night, waking up the next day in stupor, our social life has come to a sudden stop.

After a short period of disbelief, the people of the northern hemisphere are becoming docile and obedient. Like Pavlov’s dog salivating at the mere ringing of a bell*, at one o’clock of the afternoon precisely, people of Quebec connected to the network settle to listen to “the triumvirate of the Chiefs”, those who will save them. They are comforting and reassuring. A sigh of relief. “It’s going to be okay.” They appear to be sincere. Drop by drop, the venom has crept into the center of the brain circuits. Fear is there and very much present.

Thanks to my RAELIAN philosophy, I understand fear without being taken by it.

“Happiness is a decision.” Rael, Contact 341.

Moreover, I have confidence in my immune system. Everything is fine. The landscape of the Eastern Townships is still beautiful, and the birds are still singing.

I hear “wash your hands” and “distancing”.  I hear excuses for some mistakes: our seniors, our elders, our “wise people”. Hum! I am included in that category.

When fear turns everything upside down.

A stabbing and wrenching pain brings me to the emergency room. The surgery is immediately scheduled for 7 p.m.

In my mind, I create and resonate healing sounds. The “A” to soothe the pain, the vibration of the “O” for the balance of the body’s liquids, and the “E” to link with infinity.

“Aaaaaaaa Oooooooo Eeeeeeee” I am calm**.

I am calm, but it is not so for the caregivers. I have an infection, so it is normal to have a little fever. Here it comes, the venom strikes, well installed in each tonsil. Ring the bell of fear! They forget why I am here. I am switched from one disease to another. I am “kidnapped”. I hear security shouting “make room, Covid, move away, make room”. It is the beginning of an escalation to unbearable pain.

“Aaaaaaaa Oooooooo Eeeeeeee”

After some tests and 12 hours of extended suffering, I admit there is not much room for meditation. I hear myself scream. Then in the early morning, they come running through the corridors like a flock of cheery birds, the fear is gone, no more security shouting. Oh! The blessings of science, I am ANAESTHETIZED! Thank you, sir!

When fear increases tenfold.

Back home, it is not going well. The Health Info Line suggests to my partner to isolate me and protect himself. Fear emanates from the man’s gaze. Nothing goes right anymore. FEAR!

This fear refuses to penetrate my understanding. But it is in my house, I feel it, it is palpable, yet it is only virtual and does not come from me. Despite all danger it is happening, anger is beginning to creep in. Let me be rebellious! Let me understand you, but above all, let me be!

In respiratory distress, I am back at the hospital emergency where it was discovered that the surgeon had failed to prescribe antibiotics. Obviously, the infection came galloping back. The omnipresent fear had also swelled up, gained strength and momentum. Without consulting me, the robots are back. “Make room, Covid, move away, make room.” I no longer understand, I am totally helpless.

More tests, 12 hours of discomfort, loneliness, and pain. Yet all I needed were the antibiotics which were forgotten due to human error.

“Aaaaaaaa Oooooooo Eeeeeeee”

The next day when Madam Surgeon, all excited came cheerfully announcing “Good news, you are negative”. I looked at her in disbelief: “Oh??!! So now what happens to my real and immediate problem?” Her smile disappears. I can see the bewilderment on her frozen face. Together we have become aware of the difference in our reality. Her perception of fear had just changed.

“Intelligence is what makes it possible to make connections between things, to create links from one thing to the other.” Rael, The Maitreya, page 55.

There is the Covid-19 pandemic and associates, there is the pandemic of anxiety that creates this FEAR, this cruel enemy.


Lyliane Jolly
Columnist for the Raelian Movement
May 2020


* Pavlov’s dog and the birth of the scientific study of memory
** Meditation learned at a Raelian seminar, early 1980s.